Frequently Asked Questions: 


 If I order now, when will my order ship?

Most of our items are custom made to order, even if you request no customization! Processing time is 4-10 business days, which does not include weekends or holidays. Processing time for plates and bowls are 14 business days. If you order today, your order should arrive to you within 3 weeks or less for Vinyl, DTG & Embroidery items; Processing time is the time it takes from when you place the order to when your order is shipped out of our facility. It does not include shipping time. We aim to send out your products as fast as possible, but during busy periods we may not be able to meet these timescales. 


Can I Pay for Rush Shipping

We currently do not offer expedited shipping or processing, but we do have many "quick ship" options that ship in 2-3 days.   

What is your Return Policy?

There are no returns or exchanges on our items. This includes products that are not monogrammed. Once we add designs to our materials, the design cannot be removed. Once we stitch an item, it cannot be undone.

We cannot accept an exchange and/or return if you ordered the wrong size or you don't like the color thread you chose.  

If there is a mistake on our end, we will be glad to fix it or offer you a refund. If we have made a mistake, please contact us ASAP. Your item will only be remade/refunded if you have contacted us within 30 days of receiving your item.


Can I Cancel My Order? 

Once an order is submitted, there is a limited window of when it can be cancelled. You have 24 hours from submitting your order to cancel it. Once your items have been created, we cannot cancel the order. All made items will ship. 


Can I make a change to my order after it is placed?

There will be no changes made to your order once it is submitted. But, we're all human! If you made a mistake, email or DM us ASAP & we'll try to assist you as best as we can! The quicker you reach out, the better the chances we can assist.



How do I enter my monogram initials?

Traditional monogram style is First name initial, LAST name initial, Middle Initial (the last name initial larger in the middle.) When ordering, you will be asked to give us your initials in order first LAST middle. If you would like it a different way than traditional, please let us know by making a note on the order so there is no confusion!  If you are married, your monogram should go First name initial, Married Last name Initial, Maiden Name initial.  For married couples - Brides first name, Married Last name, Grooms first name.  

If you'd prefer to not have a monogram, you can simply enter XXX instead of your monogram! 


Can I mail you something I own to monogram?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service at this time.


What happens if my order is lost in the mail or says 'delivered' but I did not receive it?

BisforBlakely is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  Once an item leaves our facility, we have the same tracking information available to us as you.  We do suggest waiting at least 24 hours after an item is marked as 'delivered' because sometimes the postal service scans packages early.  We suggest checking with neighbors and your local post office as well!  As a small company, we do our best to please our customers and wish this was something we had more control over.  If your order was lost or stolen, we recommend contacting Route insurance if you opted to purchase Package Protection. They can process your claim at: https://claims.route.com/

If you did not purchase Package Protection, please contact us and we can do our best to have the item reordered/remade for you at the lowest price possible!